Exhibition: 'My Nature' Paintings by Peter Mahony

Monday, June 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM - Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 5:30 PM (IST) More Information →

Bishopstown Library :-

Bealtaine Event

An Exhibition of Painting and Sculptures by Peter Mahony

Artist Statement

I am very excited to host my first solo exhibition, My Nature, which features landscapes painted from my imagination. I have been learning to paint from age 10 and in that time have been influenced by multiple teachers as well as the artists I have studied. I was first taught by my aunt and uncle, Carol and Eamonn Mc Carthy, and over the past few years I have taken lessons in oil painting with artist John Jermyn. I have spent the past three years studying the American style known as Tonalism. This exhibition's work is what I have produced under the influence of that style. 

Tonalism is a style of painting that comes from American art originally. It revolves around colour and composition I have varied style right now as I am only beginning my career as an artist and am experimenting. I have works painted on a mixture of canvas, canvas boards and MDF boards. Some of my pieces are painted lightly and blended smoothly while others are more bold, painted thick with very visible strokes

As well as painting, I also love to work in photography and music. I regularly volunteer with the guerrilla gardening group known as Mad About Cork, documenting their work in photographs. Finally I am also a drummer, and have been for many years and am involved with a light orchestra which I really enjoy

Exhibition runs for the month of June

All Welcome